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DIYs are effective against regular stains and dark spots. You must rely on a professional couch cleaning service if you want an advanced solution. Many people think DIYs are alternatives to professional couch cleaning, but we say you should apply DIYs only to minor stains and damage. If you face severe issues due to pest infestation, sewage backup or flood, you must rely on expert service. Do not take it lightly because you have invested your hard-earned money to decorate your lounge. Maintain it properly using DIYs and professional services.  


Find the Care Code   

Before applying any DIY method to leather and fabric furniture, you must find the care code. You can find the care code on the tag or around the platform of the furniture. It indicates the ideal method of cleaning that item. Three popular care codes are ‘S’, which means the item is suitable for solvent-based solution, ‘W’ means water-based cleaning, and ‘WS’ means the item is suitable for both water and solvent-based cleaning.   

If you cannot find it on the furniture, please consult with a local manufacturer or an expert in sofa cleaning. Perth experts will assess the material, colour, texture and condition of the furniture to recommend the best cleaning method. 


Methods of Couch Cleaning Perth    

You will find different fabrics if you carefully inspect different sofas in a furniture shop. Some are easier to clean and durable, whereas others are more prone to damage. Some of them are suitable for couch dry cleaning; other fabrics may need steam cleaning. When buying furniture, spend some time learning different fabrics before choosing the suitable option for your residential or commercial purposes. Experts suggest using furniture covers to prevent stains and dark spots. Besides that, you can apply a layer of stain protection that makes your furniture long-lasting and durable.  


DIYs for Upholstery Cleaning Perth 

Please remember that you are not the only one facing the issue. Hundreds of customers call us for couch cleaning services in Perth. There are different DIYs for conducting the process at home. However, it is better to consult with an expert for such services.  

You have to remove stains and spillage as soon as you find them. If the stains get dry, they will be hard to remove. When a guest or kid spills accidentally on your black leather sofa during a social event, you have to apply a solvent or water-based solution to clean it quickly using a microfiber cloth. It does not take more than a minute. Some of the popular DIYs are:    


1 Dishwashing Liquid   

You must prepare a combination of dishwashing liquid and water in a spray bottle. After that, when you find stains, you have to spray them on the affected area and rub the area gently using a microfiber cloth. You must continue the process a few times because it is a DIY remedy. It is not effective as a professional chemical-based solution. If it does not work, you can apply different solutions.  


2 Rubbing Alcohol   

In oil and grease stains, you must apply a solvent-based solution, rubbing alcohol. Soak a white paper towel in alcohol and rub the area gently. Please remember that it is applicable for ‘S’ care code furniture.    


3 Baking Soda and Vinegar   

It is one of the popular solutions for couch cleaning. You have to prepare a paste using baking soda, vinegar and water. Afterwards, use a microfiber cloth to apply the paste to the affected area. Now, wait for a few hours to dry the area properly. Do not forget to vacuum the furniture before use. All these methods are applicable if you have the right sofa in your lounge.   


Selecting the Right Fabric Sofa    

You have to research different fabrics to find suitable sofas for your needs. If you have pets and kids, it is better to buy cotton or Indian cotton, which is colourful and durable. On the other hand, if you buy a couch for your commercial premises, prefer nylon or linen materials.   

You should not prefer light-coloured sofas and upholsteries in a high foot traffic area. Leather could be a suitable choice for you, but it is costly.   


Choose Leather Sofa as an Alternative    

Leather is durable and long-lasting but does not offer different colours and shades. The best part is you do not have to spend money on maintaining the leather lounge; regular vacuuming is enough. You must condition it monthly with a conditioner or coconut oil (DIY). For colourful material, you must choose durable cotton fabric, which is a great alternative to leather items.  


If you find issues related to stains and dark spots, use simple homemade remedies for couch cleaning in Perth. Baking soda, petroleum jelly, and vinegar are popular DIY remedies. You can apply petroleum jelly directly, but you must prepare a paste for baking soda and vinegar.  


Add a Layer of Stain Protection   

As we have already suggested, the stain protection layer is very effective against stains and germ growth. You have to spend an amount on adding this layer to your furniture. After that, you could save thousands on maintenance costs. During a night party, if you face issues with coffee spillage, you can easily remove it using baking soda or white vinegar solutions.  


It also makes your carpet clean, fresh and germ-free. We often spend time on couches and sofas at the weekend- eating, drinking, and watching Netflix. Unknowingly we prepare a breeding ground for germs, bacteria, mould and fungus. The stain protection layer protects fabrics against stains and germ growth.  


Call Certified Couch Cleaner Perth  

If you want the best service in your locality, please feel free to call us. We are open 24/7 to offer express professional couch cleaning services in your locality. If you are busy on weekdays, you will get an appointment at weekends or on public holidays. Our experts will reach your location within one hour of the confirmed booking. Call us at (+61) 480 021 262; you will get an appointment if you inquire. Book an appointment now.   

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