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Everyone is guilty of staining their sofas with juice or milk carelessly while watching cartoons at least once in their lives. Not everyone knows how to remove these stains. Read on to get a complete overview on ways and habits that would be of help in maintaining your sofa the right way. Remember that maintenance of your fabric sofa is not just essential but also the basic preventive measure you can take. Once you start devoting time for its appropriate maintenance and care to your sofa, you can be certain of having to spend less money on its repair over and over again. Following these tips would help you in prolonging the need for professional fabric couch cleaning Perth.

Maintaining a Fabric sofa

  • To maintain your fabric sofa, you should frequently vacuum it with an upholstery attachment, and a low suction to eliminate accumulated dust from your upholstery. Leaving the dust untouched may lead to the dust piercing into the fibres, scraping the fibres leading to untimely wear and tear.
  • Take out all the cushions and then vacuum through the gaps to remove any dust and dirt from your sofa’s inner as well as surface portions. Use the soft brush attachment while doing so. Work in a methodical fashion to clean the whole surfaces to make sure you do not skip any spot.
  • If the cushions have detachable covers, put them into the machine for washing.
  • If your sofa cushions do not have detachable covers, use a steam cleaner to deep-clean your sofa as well as the cushions. Ensure complete drying before you place the cushions back on their place on the sofa. Do not forget to check the manufacturer’s tag to check if it is an appropriate method for the fabric sofa. You can also opt for professional sofa steam cleaning service for routine cleaning.
  • Dry cleaning is suggested every 6 months to help eliminate dirt and staining while maintaining the look and feel of your sofa.
  • Spot treat the stains wherever required. Patch test the cleaning method you intend to use on an unseen spot on the sofa. Do not use that method, if colour change occurs. Apply the cleaning solution lightly with a clean rag. Attach the stiff-bristled brush attachment to the vacuum to remove dirt. Do not apply too much of the cleaning solution and do not rub the stain as well as that may make it harder to take it out. Clean the area with a different cloth and leave it to air dry.
  • You can also rotate the cushions and change their positions which can be useful in extending their shelf-life.
  • Clean spills instantaneously, as stains are difficult to remove if they are left unclean for a longer period of time. Invest in fabric protection liquids so as to protect the sofa from stains and spills. Avoid using domestic household cleaners as they can ruin the fibres and bleach the shades.
  • Do not clean the fabric before checking the fabric care label given on your sofa. Keep the furniture tag carefully as it has helpful instructions related to fabric care and maintenance. Ensure you read the guidelines carefully before beginning to clean your sofa.
  • Keep sharp-edged objects away from your fabric sofa as they can cause tearing of fabric.
  • Schedule a yearly Fabric sofa cleaning Perth from a professional upholstery cleaner to retain the hygiene and cleanliness of your fabric sofa.

These useful techniques would make the cleaning process easier for you whenever you have meets planned at your place or even otherwise. These DIY hacks would help you immensely in maintenance of your fabric upholstery. In event, when you are unable to get out tough stains from the fabric, it is advisable to opt for professional fabric couch cleaning Perth. Whatever fabric sofa you have, you would want to ensure that your favourite fabric sofa or recliner remains in good shape and looks fine to the eyes as well. For maintaining its warmth and comfort it is important to devote time for its maintenance. Preserving your fabric sofa which is definitely a valuable investment is important not just for its long life but also as a way to change the look of your décor every now and then.

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